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My name is Deepankur Anand and this will be like introductory stuff. I'll be telling who I am & what I'm going to do & why do my existence mark a difference in your lives.

Okay. So first let's start with a brief introduction.
You know my name, Deepankur Anand. Usually people call me Ankur(Making it my pen name). I'm from North India. Part of me is Punjabi, Haryanvi & Pahadi. I've spent like 20 good years in Rajouri(A place in J&K, India). I've dropped engineering to make my career in film making and currently studying film making. 

Why I made this site?
As a filmmaker, I see Stories, hear stories & also create Stories. So I'm thinking to use this majorly as a platform to post stories, script drafts, poems and I don't know what else, maybe some trash jokes or memes. Who knows. Don't worry, we will figure it out. That might take time, but I'll do post regularly.

What have I done?
I've basically made a couple of short films(do let me know if you want to see them) and currently studying film direction from SUPVA, Rohtak. Beside films, I've written short stories and poems. I felt like sharing them to the world, so here it is.

Where can you find me?
I'm available on

Instagram @ankurtheme
Email me

And to get regular updates and posts kindly