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Why this generation is possibly last one of its kind.

Human beings came into the picture of Earth millions of billions of years later after Earth took a solid form. Ever since this two-legged creature with his super-efficient brain came into existence, he/she had an upper hand over other animals. Be it twice or thrice it’s size. The evaluation happened at a very slow rate over the years. But, ever since human has developed science especially medical science, he/she had paced the evaluation process. It was around 3-6 million years ago when human stood upright but now it is like everyday humans are being changed or developed. It is estimated that coming generations will be very less like us and here is why it is speculated.     1.      Genetic Engineering. When we think and talk about future, the first thing that comes to our mind is genetic engineering. Believe it or not, we are in a transitional period. Day by day Genetic Engineers are coming up with new, better and sophisticated technology which is going to shape the future. It
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My little world: My room's corner

Hi, I'm Ms. Misfit. I'm a Cardist. I like to make people amaze and note their reactions. It was a year back when I was doing my gig here in the club called, "CLUB", where I saw this guy. His eyes were blue. And while I was doing a color change, he saw me. I'd changed red to black but I wish I could change it to blue. But you may ask, why Am I telling you this? Well firstly, he is the reason why I'm here, stuck. And secondly, I wanted to take you to a flashback, when I was born. I wasn't called Ms. Misfit until I was 13. I was born perfectly normal in a perfectly normal family. I had a perfectly normal childhood. When I was 5, I wanted to be everything, from Doctor to well... Doctor. I didn't knew another profession. As I grew, I wanted to be a Pilot, Astronaut, Teacher, Cook, Mother and the list goes on. My teenage started perfectly normal, or that's what I think. On my 13th birthday, my perfectly normal father threw a grand party, all my friends w

सब जला दिए

कितने हर्फ लिखे थे तेरे लिए, पर जब भेजने का खयाल आया, सब जला दिए। शायद ऐसा कोई अल्फाज नहीं जो तुझसे खूबसूरत हो, शायद मैं ही कुछ ज्यादा सोचता हूं, सोच कर ही तुझ पर कितने जुमले लिखें, पर जब भेजने की बात आई, सब जला दिए। कितने मोती तराशे कामुस से छांट कर। कितने क़ाफ़िये बनाएं बार-बार मिटा कर।  पूरी मजमून लिख दी थी तुझ पर, पर जब भेजने की बारी आई, सब जला दिए। एक सवाल है मेरा जिसका जवाब सिर्फ तू है। एक मुकलमा भी अब क्या क्या पूछेगा। शायद मैं ही एक किताब में बस सकूं, पर जब छपने का सोचा, सब जला दिए। तुझे देखा, तेरे आगे सब अफ़साने बेकार थे। पूरी तैयारी कर ली थी वो बात कहने की जिससे महज कोई पन्ना ना समा पाए। लफ्जों ज़बान से निकल ही गए थे, पर तेरी आंखों की पाक मासूमियत दिख गई, और जितने भी इरादे मेरे, सब जला दिए।

I remembered.

Now, as I sit in this dark room, With just the ray of light from cloud, I remember a life. It wasn't mine, Full of bright colours & sunshine, As I went in deeper, I remembered a line. "I'll be with you forever, not just for a while", "I'll travel the world with you, not one, but every mile", As I looked at her, I remembered a smile. Or maybe some laughter, The roasting all of them did, enough drinks after, As I hung out more, I remembered a master. He scolded, taunted, commented, as it was ancestry, But that was just pure love, it wasn't jealous or rivalry, As I closed my eyes, I remembered a memory. In a dark room with just a ray of light from cloud, I screamed silently but heard it loud, That life isn't mine for sure, but I still have a doubt.


दो पक्षों में छिड़ी एक जंग, ना कोई मज़हब ना ही रंग, सरहद का दायरा थोड़ा धुंधला था, वजूद कि लड़ाई में अपने ही ना थे अपनों के संघ। पुख्ता तौर पर अभी पता नहीं चल पाया की कोंन किसके इलाके में पहले आया, हालाकि यह वाकया पहली बार नहीं बस इस बार हमारा ध्यान खींच लाया। हमला यहां से हुआ, हमला वहां से हुआ, शोर तो ना जाने कहां-कहां से हुआ, एक-एक इंसान की नींद खराब हुई, "यह चुप हो जाए" सबने मांगी बस यह दुआ। इसी बीच दो बच्चे बस से जा टकराए, दोनों पक्ष लड़ाई छोड़ बच्चो के पास आए, मौका था.. सामने ज़मीन हड़पने का, पर यह कुत्ते है, इन्हे इंसानी फितरत कोन समझाए।

The way of storytelling is called: NARRATION.

Films like any other art form is a medium of largely storytelling. Us humans are traditionally storytellers and thus find different mediums to tell stories. Since the birth of cinema, people tried various ways to make films, giving birth to a huge section of cinema called narrative cinema, which basically means cinema that tell story rather than just giving an experience of moving pictures. In this article we are going to explore meaning of narration in cinema.   To start with, I would like to quote from ‘Narration in fiction films’ by David Bordwell on what is film narration  a chain of events in cause-effect relationship occurring in time and space.   To bring it down, lets assume a situation, there is an ongoing war, a world war, due to which German soldiers are taking Jews to detention centre. Now this could be our cause, resulting millions of people dying, i.e. Holocaust . We all have seen several films on holocaust, right? But still each one seems different than other. Why