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I remembered.

A man is sitting on a chair, tying his shoe laces. A streak of light is creating a grey ambience.
Now, as I sit in this dark room,
With just the ray of light from cloud,
I remember a life.

It wasn't mine,
Full of bright colours & sunshine,
As I went in deeper, I remembered a line.

"I'll be with you forever, not just for a while",
"I'll travel the world with you, not one, but every mile",
As I looked at her, I remembered a smile.

Or maybe some laughter,
The roasting all of them did, enough drinks after,
As I hung out more, I remembered a master.

He scolded, taunted, commented, as it was ancestry,
But that was just pure love, it wasn't jealous or rivalry,
As I closed my eyes, I remembered a memory.

In a dark room with just a ray of light from cloud,
I screamed silently but heard it loud,
That life isn't mine for sure, but I still have a doubt.