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My little world: My room's corner

Hi, I'm Ms. Misfit. I'm a Cardist. I like to make people amaze and note their reactions. It was a year back when I was doing my gig here in the club called, "CLUB", where I saw this guy. His eyes were blue. And while I was doing a color change, he saw me. I'd changed red to black but I wish I could change it to blue.

But you may ask, why Am I telling you this?
Well firstly, he is the reason why I'm here, stuck.
And secondly, I wanted to take you to a flashback, when I was born.

I wasn't called Ms. Misfit until I was 13. I was born perfectly normal in a perfectly normal family. I had a perfectly normal childhood. When I was 5, I wanted to be everything, from Doctor to well... Doctor. I didn't knew another profession. As I grew, I wanted to be a Pilot, Astronaut, Teacher, Cook, Mother and the list goes on. My teenage started perfectly normal, or that's what I think. On my 13th birthday, my perfectly normal father threw a grand party, all my friends were invited. There were games and dance and music but the thing I was stuck with was a performance by guy. He was wearing a clown makeup, making things disappear and reappear. He was smiling the entire performance and His eyes were blue. I wanted to know how it happened and then begun my imperfect not so normal life. 


I learnt magic and card flourish. I was happy with it and became popular, I got scholarship and went to study literature shared my room with three other girls, I did several performances, life was great, until I was 20. I was performing a gig at the this club called CLUB, I was doing my routine it was nearly 12'o clock. When during a color change, I saw this blue eye guy. And all of sudden I changed my routine, I started vanishing cards and coins and decks and everything I could see. You see, I'm good at palming! 

When I ended my gig he came to me with his grey hair and a smile, appreciated me. I said it was my birthday and he performed a trick on me. And I was stuck to that. I took a selfie of him with me, printed it and put it on my corner.

And today I feel alone and miserable.
Well, something happened that year.