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Light it up

On a fine Saturday afternoon, a young boy, Muzak, of around 6 is looking up at the sky in his garden and murmuring, his father comes out to water the plants and turns to him and asks what are you looking at?

He panics for a moment and then look at his father and says
-I was wondering why night happens late in the day?
-Because the sun helps us stay warm and work so long all day, he needs rest and goes to sleep and that's how night happens. Father replies smiling.

After hearing this Muzak become anxious and says to his father to come inside quickly, miracle had just happened.
When they come in room he says "look I was playing with my ball, it hit the sun and sun went to sleep. Is the sun hurt?"
Father looks at it, there is a broken bulb, he laughs and says "No, I'll fix it."

The story is inspired by a Zen story, 'Time to Die'.

Do read that and other Zen Stories