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Candy Crusher Strawberry Milkshake

"Papa, I wanna have some snacks", said Wahid.

What, Who Whaid? I'll tell you. But first focus on the conversion.

"Paa, come on, just a little snack."
"Nah, not now, Dadda is busy."

Disappointed little Wahid looks upto his dadda, there is fire reflecting off his eyes. He takes big steps from his tiny feet, with a mouth puffed, like a balloon, full of air. Starts to walk away from his father. Stops in the middle of his walk, turns back, like a tiger does. Squeezes his eyes, air from his puffed mouth travels to his nostrils, and because of this phenomenon, shrinking his mouth. Walks towards his father, very cunningly, like a fox. Stops at a radius of 1 meter from his father.

"Papu, but I don't want to waste my Sunday here"

What, Here where? You had to have a flow to read dude. Oh! Wahid. Yeah. Okay first lemme tell you about Wahid.

He is a little boy.

Moving on.

"But Wahid there are cos----"

Just kidding.
Wahid, he is 8 years old. He was born on 2008 in Lucknow to Mr. & Mrs. Unknown. He was 2 years old when he got foster parent. Jimmy, who took him to Brooklyn.
How & Why is a different story. He raised the kid along with his girlfriend. And after 4 years he and his girlfriend broke-up and this little Wahid didn't had any chance to stay with his mother. His father from last 4 years he has been teaching the little kid to survive in this harsh world and New York too.
Fine. Can we continue to the story now. Where was I. Yeah.

"But Wahid, there are costumers outside, we got to fill them up first."
"Okay Popsi."

He seems crushed. All the hopes he had, distorted. He is sad. And he is hungry. His dream had shattered. Dream to eat Roast Beef Sandwich.
He went to the dinning area, where he saw people eating. He was about to cry, but my man Wahid ain't a crybaby. He saw people buying their meals and suddenly he got an Idea. He runs back to the kitchen, take some cents out of his pocket and gives it to his father.
"One roll-n-roster special, Sir."

His father sees his tiny hands holding the coins.

"That'll be 6 dollars, Sir"
"But I have only this much, Sir"
"Alright, Have a seat. I'll see what I can do, Sir"

Thus it starts to cook his dream. He sees his father grabbing a stake and putting it on a grill, at the same time making a blue crusher, at the same time plating a double cheese burger, @ same time cooking the noodles
He looked his father like an Indian Goddess doing multiple things @ same time. He observes the face of his father, which is shouting why Am I here.
Chopping done.
Flavoring done.
Roasting done.
Sauces done.
Bread done.
Plating done.

At last, his father takes a breathe, sweaty and gasping, as if he was running against Bolt.

"Here, your Roll-n Roaster Special Beef Sandwich, Sir."

Wahid looked at the plate like it has directly came from heaven above. It's all glossy and shiny. All glowing, and then he picks the slice of that heavenly sandwich with his little hands, looks at the sheer beauty of the art, appreciates it, closes his eyes and takes the biggest possible bite from the tiny mouth. And he is now mesmerized and lost in the delicacy of the Sandwich.

Made me hungry though. You too?

And the satisfaction on the face of Wahid, brings a smile on Jimmy's face. He goes to complete his order while Wahid is eating.

After 10 minutes Wahid keep the plate into the washer, washes his hands. And goes back to his father. He sits on the counter, close to his father. His father winks at him and continues to toss pizza, when Wahid says,

"Popeye, I wanna have a Candy Crusher Strawberry Milkshake"