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11-08-2020 (Dedicated to Dr. Rahat Indori)

With his unique approach to see the world and pen it down in words, Dr. Rahat Indori is by far the most loved shayar of this era. He was one such storyteller who could tell so much with his Shayaris and Ghazals. It amazed me that only one or two line can say much. 

Past couple of weeks have been really hard for me and all his admirers. It still is hard to digest the death of the master of the carft. I thought to pay my share of tribute to him as well. But it would be foolishness to write something for someone who has written wonders. So, I decided to interpret some of his Shayaris in my words. 
And I quickly Googled compilation of his Shayaris and clicked on the very first result. It was "21 Rahat Indori Shayaris For The Times When You Could Do With Some Inspiration" written by Shabdita Pareek. And I started doing the work. 

P.S. This is my interpretation of his work, how I saw his work, how I understood it. It is not a translation. 
Also, I can never in a 1000 times be as close in grasping the emotions as him. भूल-चूक माफ, डॉक्टर साहब।

Unstitch your lips,
And wait for the holy eclipse,
To admit to what you commit.
I'm a glass shattered into many pieces,
You, count them bit by bit.

Be careful of this slope, they say.
If I feared the fall,
I wouldn't have choosen this way.

I'll burn. Extinguisher is not require,
Is it the worth of mighty fire?

It would be bad to flirt to those eyes,
Bad, Be it that way, I just want to dive.

When in agony, keep tears with you,
When in anger, keep tongue
When want to survive,
Keep many guns.

Two different sides of the same coin,
Was nothing, is something and then death join.

Debris will it be, my whole self,
Would keep the rose safe which you gave.

Meet me where we promised to bound,
And I'll let you drown,
As for me, I'll heal all your wound.
You leaving me is total crazy,
B'cause it is me in my head, who leaves the ground.

Just let the moon know,
Let known by the stars,
The boy once feared darkness,
Has now gone too far.
Ask me for mercy and I'll show you my scars.

Always dreamt to burn in the volcano,
Now, sitting in front of this campfire,
why, don't know.

Once upon a time, I loved a girl,
She ended the story by leaving the spell.
Rumors are, she is made up of pearl,
And her witchcraft has constrained me in the shell.

Men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

Her memories keep me alive,
I hold my breath every time,
living those moments again with a noise
is a sinful crime.

I'm the whirlpool who has storm inside,
You made a right choice by walking off the shore.

Several years after having insomnia,
Death, thank you for giving me a nice sleep.

Turned ever letter upside down,
I've given you the queen's crown,
Who is this Romeo & why is his love celebrated?
I have taken a bullet in chest, without going down.

Not you nor your drug will heal my wound,
Only I & I alone can save me from the doom.

Ruining the beautiful milky ark
This crazy half moon shines in the dark.

The one which stayed with me the most and on of those, I can't imagine of interpreting. So simple that anyone can understand yet so layered that each word give you the feels. That is Dr. Rahat Indori.

All images designed by Aakansha Pushp.

Ref.: Scoopwhoop