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Candy Crusher Strawberry Milkshake

"Papa, I wanna have some snacks" , said Wahid. What, Who Whaid? I'll tell you. But first focus on the conversion. "Paa, come on, just a little snack." "Nah, not now, Dadda is busy." Disappointed little Wahid looks upto his dadda, there is fire reflecting off his eyes. He takes big steps from his tiny feet, with a mouth puffed, like a balloon, full of air. Starts to walk away from his father. Stops in the middle of his walk, turns back, like a tiger does. Squeezes his eyes, air from his puffed mouth travels to his nostrils, and because of this phenomenon, shrinking his mouth. Walks towards his father, very cunningly, like a fox. Stops at a radius of 1 meter from his father. "Papu, but I don't want to waste my Sunday here" What, Here where? You had to have a flow to read dude. Oh! Wahid. Yeah. Okay first lemme tell you about Wahid. He is a little boy. Moving on. "But Wahid there are cos----" Just kidding. Wahid, he is 8 years old.

Black & White

Dark isn't always black, It isn't always demon, It isn't always death. Light isn't always white, It isn't always angel, It isn't always life.

Making Money?

Was a bud blooming when I saw father earning, Hard and tough, it was like rocks burning. I always wanted to help him out, But he would always laugh and say, You are gonna make a lot of money. Worse happened when I grew some more, When I saw him cried in with closed doors. I will help him out, But how? I'm not an elder now. Once I become one, I'll make a lot of money. And no it was no pressure, Until I graduated from college with no such treasure. Everywhere I went, I heard NO!, WE HAVE A DOUBT!, GET OUT! Everyone said give time and it will heal, but fact is money is a big deal. Tired and Tried I recall how my father use to make money. Times are hard I know. But there will be a dawn though. Just keep trying and you'll figure out. I said to my self till the night ended. And soon will be sunny, and I'll make money.   Photo by  Pixabay  from  Pexels


She met me months before anyone else, Actually we were no different back then, When I kicked, she felt it too,  But she smiled and celebrated. I was a born troublesome,  She handled me well everytime.  The stress I gave her was unimaginable, But she loved and celebrated. I was in grade 1 or 2,  When I told her I didn't want study.  She could have slapped me like teachers, But she taught and celebrated. I was a little older now,  Little did I cared so was she. All the surplus work was on her,  But she redeemed and celebrated. Now I am physically far from her, Lost somewhere in this chaos of world. I said I'll call you when I would be free, But she only waited. Happy mother's day. -------------- Icon created by  Freepik  from  Flaticon .

Light it up

On a fine Saturday afternoon, a young boy, Muzak, of around 6 is looking up at the sky in his garden and murmuring, his father comes out to water the plants and turns to him and asks what are you looking at? He panics for a moment and then look at his father and says -I was wondering why night happens late in the day? -Because the sun helps us stay warm and work so long all day, he needs rest and goes to sleep and that's how night happens. Father replies smiling. After hearing this Muzak become anxious and says to his father to come inside quickly, miracle had just happened. When they come in room he says "look I was playing with my ball, it hit the sun and sun went to sleep. Is the sun hurt?" Father looks at it, there is a broken bulb, he laughs and says "No, I'll fix it."

A kiss to Clouds.

You. You draw a lot of similarities with the cloulds, Neither too shallow, nor too loud. Sunsets are beautiful because of you. Those evenings when it's just me and you, Away from the crowd. I watch them when you aren't with me. The forms they make, duck, owl or anything, It's like you being free. I wish us holding hands, walking at shore of the sea. But  I know it's not that easy. Times are dark and it has begun cold, And soon it will be raining, let it be. Me I would like to be sun. Always complimenting you, being the one. No matter if now stars are full, Remember, next day will soon begun.